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The following essays describe the early days of public health in Newfoundland and Labrador:

A History of Health Services in Newfoundland and Labrador to 1982
Disease and Public Health Measures in St. John's, Newfoundland, 1832-1855

The Development of the Office of a Permanent Medical Health Officer for St. John's, Newfoundland, 1826-1905

Historical Images

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Health Inspectors.jpg (1018132 bytes) Public Health Inspectors 1970s/80s.  Back row (left to right): Frank Rowsell, Nathan Gosse, Warrick Swyers, Loren Klippert, ?, Pat Dobbin, Jim Wight.  Front row (left to right): John Gregory, Dr. Butler, Mel Graham, Wallace House (Minister of Health), Doug Strong, ?
ehgroup1.jpg (903941 bytes) A group of Public Health workers from the 1960's.  From the left, their names are: Pat Beson, Warrick Swyers, Mel Graham, Rich (or Richie) ?, Frank Rowsell, Doug Strong, John Gregory, ?, Fred Pittman, (the remaining  seven are unidentified).
ehgroup2.jpg (910504 bytes) A second group of Public Health workers from the 1960's.  Sitting (L to R): ?, Mel Graham, Doug Strong, Fred Pittman.  Standing (L to R): ?, ?, Ralph Mercer, Ian Walsh, Frank Rowsell, Warrick Swyers, ?, ?, David Coates
healthy.jpg (207335 bytes) An information display explaining the role of education in the profession of public health inspection.
environhealth9.jpg (265639 bytes) An unnamed PHI doing some early health promotion.
healthy 2.jpg (211778 bytes) An early food handlers' educational display.
environhealth5.jpg (272890 bytes) An unnamed PHI giving some food safety instruction to a group of institutional food service workers.
environhealth1Resize 2.jpg (252108 bytes) Fred Pittman(?)  Taking a raw water sample in the St. John's area.
environhealth2Resize.jpg (360394 bytes) An unnamed Public Health Inspector conducting a soil percolation test on the Avalon peninsula.
environhealth3.jpg (212481 bytes) An unnamed Public Health Inspector checking the dishwasher temperature at an unnamed institution in St. John's.
environhealth4.jpg (379335 bytes) A large, decaying fish head reported to the Public Health authorities.
environhealth6.jpg (326311 bytes) An unnamed PHI conducting a soil percolation test.
environhealth7.jpg (305295 bytes) Fred Pittman (?) inspecting a newly-installed, concrete septic tank.
environhealth8.jpg (250936 bytes) Frank Rowsell (?) inspecting the cleanliness of some cutlery.
environhealth_10.jpg (161163 bytes) An unnamed PHI taking a raw water sample.
St. George's Pond Aug. 1949r.jpg (32623 bytes) St. George's Pond (with Cabot Tower) - August 1949
A former water supply for part of St. John's.
Clam Flats Piccadilly Harbour Looking S.W. June 1950r.jpg (31398 bytes) Piccadilly Harbour Clam Flats (Looking Southwest) - June 1950
A continuing concern for local residents and Public Health.
Foot of Lake Windsor Aug. 1949r.jpg (39025 bytes) Lake Windsor - August 1949
This continues to be the major water supply for the City of St. John's.
Lake Windsor Aug. 1949r.jpg (29844 bytes) Lake Windsor - August 1949
Abbott & Haliburton Wharf and Lobster Pond June 1950r.jpg (33547 bytes) Abbott and Haliburton Wharf and Lobster Pond - June 1950
Abbott & Haliburton Staff House, Store & Other Buildings June 1950r.jpg (30941 bytes) Abbott and Haliburton Staff House, Store, and Other Buildings - June 1950