Conference 2010

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Sara Timpa, Branch President: "President's Message"
Darren Leyte, Health Canada: "Novel Food Regulations in Canada"
Mona Shum, NCCEH: "Environmental Health and the Built Environment"
James Valcour, Memorial University: "Climate Change and Health: Impact on Enteric Disease Incidence"
Josh Lepawski: "Electronic Waste: Impacts on the Developing World"
Dorothea Hanchar, Dept. Environment and Conservation: "Groundwater: Assessing Supplies for Subdivisions..."
Joanne Stares, Public Health Agency of Canada: "Health Status Report and GIS Applications in Public Health"
Joanne Stares, Public Health Agency of Canada: "Canadian Public Health Service: Field Service, Training and Response..."
Tom Schaefer: "UV Treatment in Aquatic Facilities"
Chris Kavanagh, PCO Orkin: "Bed Bugs"
Mona Shum, NCCEH: "Mould: Health Effects and Risk Assessment"
Daniel Richard, Health Canada: "Tobacco Act and the Little Cigar"
Phi Phan, CIPHI: "Continuing Professional Competencies Program"