Conference 2008

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Selected photos from the 2008 National Educational Conference in St. John's:
Welcome Sign.JPG (199587 bytes) Welcome to all delegates!
Registration 2.JPG (203907 bytes) Registration
Exhibitors 1.JPG (247435 bytes) The Exhibition Hall 1
Exhibitors 2.JPG (270687 bytes) The Exhibition Hall 2
Exhibitors 3.JPG (246749 bytes) The Exhibition Hall 3
Silent Auction.JPG (258323 bytes) The Silent Auction table
Rally in the Alley 1.JPG (575920 bytes) "Rally in the Alley" - Selecting teams!
Step Dancers.JPG (401631 bytes) Shawn Silver and his troop of Irish step dancers!
Presidents' Entrance.JPG (236880 bytes) The Entrance of the National Executive (Led by members of the Signal Hill Tattoo)
National Executive.JPG (116098 bytes) The 2008 National Executive
NL Entertainment.JPG (1106300 bytes) "A Crowd of Bold Sharemen" provide local entertainment at the Presidents' Banquet
Delegates 1.JPG (1175294 bytes) Delegates 1
Delegates 2.JPG (1205680 bytes) Delegates 2